Pathways to Prestige: Getting Featured in Forbes and the Insider

Khalid Hussain Mir
4 min readMay 25, 2023

Gaining a feature in esteemed digital publications like Forbes and The Insider is a remarkable achievement that can have a profound impact on individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. It opens doors to unparalleled opportunities for global recognition, enhanced credibility, and valuable networking prospects. However, securing a feature in these prestigious publications is often challenging and can come with substantial costs. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the obstacles individuals face when seeking exposure on platforms of such caliber, shedding light on the difficulties they encounter. Moreover, we will present The Insider Canada as an alternative solution that offers a more accessible and efficient pathway to being highlighted in an international digital journal.

Introducing The Insider Canada, a meticulously designed platform that empowers and connects entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. The Insider Canada serves as a gateway to global recognition, providing individuals with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their talents and expertise. By leveraging this platform, you can not only highlight your achievements but also pave the way for future features in renowned publications such as Business Insider and Forbes. Get ready to unlock your potential and step onto the path of limitless possibilities with The Insider Canada.

The Difficulty of Securing a Feature in Forbes and Other Magazines:

Securing a feature in Forbes and Business Insider, two leading digital publications is a highly sought-after achievement. However, the journey to getting featured on these renowned platforms is filled with challenges. The competition is fierce, and the editorial teams receive a vast number of pitches daily. Standing out amidst the crowd requires a unique and compelling angle, extensive research, and a well-crafted pitch that aligns with their editorial guidelines. Furthermore, the process may involve significant time and financial investments, such as hiring PR agencies or marketing experts to increase the likelihood of getting noticed.

The Insider Canada: Your Pathway to Global Recognition:

For entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups seeking an easier and more accessible way to get featured in an international digital journal, The Insider Canada emerges as a compelling alternative. Unlike the arduous and highly competitive process of securing a feature in renowned publications like Business Insider and Forbes, The Insider Canada offers a streamlined approach designed to empower emerging voices and connect them with a global audience.

By focusing on inclusivity and fostering success, The Insider Canada provides a strategic entry point for individuals looking to gain recognition and build valuable connections within the dynamic and ever-evolving business community. The platform serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurs to showcase their unique stories, accomplishments, and insights, creating a pathway to heightened visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities on a global scale. With The Insider Canada, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups can navigate the complex landscape of media exposure with greater ease and confidence, propelling their entrepreneurial journey towards greater success.

Advantages of The Insider Canada:

Accessibility and Support: The Insider Canada understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and provides a supportive environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and resources to help navigate the submission process, making it accessible even for those new to the media landscape.

Amplified Visibility: By featuring your story, insights, or accomplishments in The Insider Canada, you gain exposure to a wide audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals from various industries. This exposure can elevate your visibility, attract potential partners, clients, and investors, and position you as a trusted authority in your field.

Networking Opportunities: The Insider Canada provides a valuable networking hub where you can connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators. Engaging with the community fosters meaningful relationships and opens doors to new growth prospects, collaborations, and mentorship opportunities.

Stepping Stone to Renowned Publications: Being featured in The Insider Canada serves as a stepping stone towards securing features in other prestigious publications like Business Insider and Forbes. The credibility and recognition gained through The Insider Canada can bolster your chances of capturing the attention of larger publications and increase your likelihood of success.


Securing a coveted feature in esteemed digital publications like Business Insider and Forbes is more than just a milestone — it signifies the recognition of your expertise and achievements on a global scale. However, the path to achieving such recognition can be challenging and resource-intensive. Fortunately, there is a compelling alternative that can make your journey easier and more accessible. Enter The Insider Canada — a meticulously crafted platform designed to empower entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. By embracing The Insider Canada, you gain access to a pathway that not only leads to global recognition but also fosters valuable connections within the business community.

Finally, with The Insider Canada as your strategic partner, you can unlock unparalleled opportunities for recognition and success. Leverage the advantages offered by this platform to amplify your visibility, forge meaningful relationships with industry professionals, and position yourself as a thought leader. Embrace the opportunity to share your unique story and insights with a diverse global audience while building valuable connections within the business community. By choosing The Insider Canada, you are taking a significant step towards propelling your entrepreneurial journey to soaring heights of achievement and influence. Embrace the power of The Insider Canada and let it guide you toward the recognition and success you deserve.



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